Atrophy & Denture Difficulties

In certain situations, patients who wear dentures can develop bone atrophy, which involves the shrinking of the jawbone. When there are no tooth roots to encourage growth, the jawbone can start to atrophy as the body begins to reabsorb the bone tissue. This process can often affect the comfort and fit of your dentures and lessen their effectiveness. In addition to atrophy, other common issues can affect the fit of your dentures, including:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Excessive teeth grinding or clenching
  • Medical Issues
  • Dentures with an improper fit or incorrect placement
  • Irregular chewing habits
  • Denture overuse
  • Wearing dentures overnight

There are patients who often resort to using sticky adhesives or other inaccurate techniques to try and prevent their dentures from loosening. However, this does not correct the problem since it only conceals it. Here at Prosthodontists of the Carolinas — Southport, our team is happy to provide you with comprehensive care for your dental restoration. If you have concerns about the fit of your dentures, our dental team can assist you! We provide dental implants in Supply, North Carolina, to help support your dentures and provide you a more comfortable fit. Please feel free to contact our team today at 910-755-7500 to schedule an appointment and meet our prosthodontists, Dr. Ralph Hoffmann or Dr. Robert Klink!