Prosthodontists & General Dentists

For all your basic checkups, cleanings or cavity treatments, it is best that you meet with your regular dentist! If you have an issue with missing teeth or you are in need of oral surgery, we recommend that you visit our prosthodontist for treatment! The greatest difference between a prosthodontist and a regular dentist is that the former handles the replacement or extraction of problematic teeth. A general dentist is typically in charge of fixing damaged teeth and ensuring that your natural smile remains as healthy as possible. Additional differences may include:

  • Prosthodontists have specialized training from accredited institutions through the American Dental Association┬«.
  • More complex issues involving jaw surgery, dentures, implants or any gum-related issues are usually treated by an experienced prosthodontist.
  • Prosthodontists also provide high-quality dental veneers, implants, crowns, bridges and more.
  • In order to receive recognition from the ADA, prosthodontists are required to finish an advanced training course certified through the ADA.

Furthermore, Prosthodontists of the Carolinas Southport sets itself apart by providing an in-house lab. Through this, we can complete your customized restorations in faster time and help take care of any adjustments that need to be made in-office. If you would like to learn more about prosthodontics in Supply, North Carolina, we welcome you to contact us today at 910-755-7500 and set up a visit with Dr. Ralph Hoffmann.